Timbren - ABSFR150RB - Active Off-Road Bumpstops - Rear Kit | Ford Raptor 2nd Gen
Timbren - ABSFR150RB - Active Off-Road Bumpstops - Rear Kit | Ford Raptor 2nd Gen
Timbren - ABSFR150RB - Active Off-Road Bumpstops - Rear Kit | Ford Raptor 2nd Gen
Timbren - ABSFR150RB - Active Off-Road Bumpstops - Rear Kit | Ford Raptor 2nd Gen
Timbren - ABSFR150RB - Active Off-Road Bumpstops - Rear Kit | Ford Raptor 2nd Gen


Timbren - ABSFR150RB - Active Off-Road Bumpstops - Rear Kit | Ford Raptor 2nd Gen

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Active Off-Road Bumpstops provide off-road enthusiasts greater control over their vehicles’ suspension travel. Using progressive-rate springs means that instead of a hard stop at the end of axle travel the axle energy will be absorbed when bottoming-out producing smooth, predictable and quiet axle engagement and disengagement.

Unlike OEM bump stops, Active Off-Road Bumpstops are made from natural rubber. Just like our Timbren SES line, Active Off-Road Bumpstops carry a lifetime warranty and a satisfaction guarantee.

ABSFR150RB replaces the rear OEM bump stops on the 2017-2021 Ford SVT Raptor. Upgrade to Active Off-road Bumpstops and experience the difference.

Active Off-Road Bumpstops are a bump stop upgrade that will improve your off-road experience in several ways:

Provide Smooth Axle Engagement
Instead of the harsh jounce you get from regular bump stops, enjoy a much softer, smoother stop when your vehicle bottoms out.

Maintain Axle Travel
Active Off-Road Bumpstops will not limit axle travel, but allow full articulation of the suspension system.

Deliver Greater Control Over The Vehicle
Remain in control of your off-road vehicle during hard-to-handle situations on extreme terrain and at high speeds.

Stay On The Trail Longer
Remove the stress to your body and your off-road vehicle. Active Off-road Bumpstops absorb the harsh slams when your vehicle bottoms out, allowing you to stay out on the trail much longer doing what you love to do.

Maintenance Free
Unlike hydraulic bump stops, Timbren Active Off-Road Bumpstops require zero maintenance. Zip. Zilch. Nada. This is a set-it-and-forget-it upgrade. No tweaks or refills required! Once you install your Timbren bump stop upgrades, they won’t need any supervision whatsoever.

Lifetime Warranty
You receive a lifetime warranty with every purchase of Active Off-Road Bumpstops. We have been designing and manufacturing Aeon® rubber springs for over 50 years and confidently stand behind our products.

Timbren vs. Hydraulic Bump Stops

  • Headache Free - Hydraulic bump stops make a loud ‘banging’ noise each time it slaps the strike pad. Timbren bump stops quietly engage with the axle.
  • Zero Maintenance - Hydraulic bump stops require maintenance to continue working properly. Timbren bump stops are maintenance free.
  • Lifetime Warranty - Timbren bump stops come with a Lifetime Warranty. Hydraulic bump stops do not.
  • Save Money - Timbren bump stops cost significantly less than hydraulic bump stops.


  • Maintain Full Axle Travel
  • Smooth Axle Engagement and Disengagement
  • Enhance Suspension Performance
  • Progressive Spring Rate
  • Absorbs Energy and Cushions Road Shocks
  • Stronger Than OEM Bump stops
  • Easy Installation
  • Satisfaction Guarantee
  • Lifetime Warranty


  • 2,000 lb capacity
  • 7,000 lb bump load capacity
  • Overall kit height = 5.25”
  • Total deflected (compressed) height = 3”
  • Amount of deflection (compression) = 2.5”

What’s Included In The Box?

  • 2x Aeon® hollow rubber springs (bump stops)
  • 2x Mounting brackets
  • 2x Steel cups
  • All necessary hardware

Compatible Vehicles

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What’s the difference between Active Off-Road Bumpstops and Timbren SES?
Active Off-road Bumpstops are used to soften the harsh impact when driving off-road. They also help avoid damage to the shock absorber and contact of larger tires with the fender. Timbren SES serve as helper springs to level the load and reduce roll and sway for vehicles carrying heavy loads.

My off-road vehicle has a suspension lift. Will Timbren’s Active Off-Road Bumpstops still work for me?
Absolutely! Timbren’s Active Off-Road Bumpstops are designed to work with your vehicle regardless of the lift kit you have installed. If you want them to engage sooner, simply order a spacer kit.

Should I install Active Off-Road Bumpstops on both the front and rear suspension of my vehicle?
We recommend both front and rear, especially when navigating rough, off-road terrain. Active Off-Road Bumpstops on all 4 corners of your vehicle will work together to give you a smooth, safe ride.

Do Active Off-Road Bumpstops require any maintenance?
No. Just like Timbren SES kits, Active Off-Road Bumpstops are also maintenance free.

What are Active Off-Road Bumpstops made from?
The Active Off-Road Bumpstops are made from natural rubber with all the unique characteristics inherent in rubber springs.

What is the warranty for Active Off-road Bumpstops?
All Active Off-Road Bumpstops come with a Lifetime warranty covering all replacement parts up until the time you sell your vehicle.