Shipping FAQs

*Please Note that due to COVID-19, some carriers may be experiencing small shipping delays.  We will do everything we can to ensure that you are kept informed of any issues.

Where do we ship?  4WD Crew currently ships to the contiguous 48 US states.  We are hoping to expand that soon.  Please sign up to our newsletter for any updates.  

Shipping Methods: Large/oversized products may get shipped out via freight and require scheduling.  All other products are shipped ground (Fedex/UPS) or via USPS.

Shipping Rates (If items are in stock): Outside of promotion periods, shipping rates are as follows.

    1. C4: Front Bumpers/Rear Bumpers/Rock Sliders/Skid Plates that may require freight shipment are either shipped to the nearest freight hub or a commercial address with a dock.  C4 does not currently ship to residential addresses.
    2. Front Runner Outfitters:  All Slimline II roof racks currently ship free within the contiguous 48 US states.  All other products are dependent on product weight/dimensions and the destination address.
    3. Dobinsons: Any products over 130lbs will incur a flat fee depending on if the address is residential or commercial.  All other products are dependent on product weight/dimensions and the destination address.
    4. KC HiLiTES:  All items ship free of charge.
    5. Diode Dynamics: All items ship free of charge.
    6. CBI/Prinsu: Any oversized/overweight products (e.g., bumpers) will be shipped via freight depending on your location.
    7. Alubox: Alubox cases size 10L to 175L will be shipped to a residential or commercial address for a fee. Due to the size and weight of the larger boxes (size 192L and larger), we will only ship within the contiguous U.S. using truck freight. We will ship to any commercial address with a fork lift or a loading dock, or a freight facility close to you for pick up. This can be unloaded on a dock with a pallet jack. The shipping fee is based on the size of the case you are purchasing. If you purchase multiple cases, our staff will assess the shipping cost on a per order basis and refund what we can if the cost is more than what we charged you online.
    8. Eezi-Awn: 
      Due to the size and weight of this item, we will only ship within the contiguous U.S. using truck freight.
      Commercial Freight
      Please note that free shipping only applies to delivery at a commercial address with a loading dock and pallet jack or fork lift.
      Residential Freight
      Unfortunately certain items are ineligible for residential delivery. If you plan to ship to a residential address and the product is authorized to ship to a residential address, you will be charged an additional fee which is not automatically applied at checkout. Please write "Residential" in the notes section and we will contact you with a quote. If you do not make this denotation, you are responsible for all related fees and potentially the original shipping charge. 
    9. Tuff Stuff:  Freight/Delivery times are 3-5 business days from our warehouse to the Destination Terminal, Final Delivery is by appointment (this is why we require a phone number) and varies based on the distance from the Destination Terminal and the Final Delivery address (your shipping address). Do NOT miss your delivery once scheduled or you will be charged for rescheduling. We get charged and will pass the charge on to you.  Our tents ship via LTL and will ship separately from any other items in your cart. This means, if you also ordered an awning it will ship via Ground. This is why the phone number is so important. The LTL Freight Carrier will contact you via phone to work out a delivery time. No number no delivery. Missed travel time. All tents INCLUDE shipping only to the lower 48 states. Tents must be sent via freight truck (not UPS or Fed-Ex Ground) so please arrange an ideal location with easy access/and or forklift services to ensure no damage occurs in transit. A forklift is not required but definitely preferred.
      Residential Deliveries: The courier will only deliver to the sidewalk, driveway, or garage. A valid telephone number must be provided at the time of purchase. This needs to be a number that you can be reached at in order for the delivery driver to schedule a delivery time. Failure to provide a valid telephone number will result in your tent not being shipped until we can make contact with you. If you cannot arrange to be available or fail to respond to the carrier, your tent will be returned to our warehouse and the return freight charges will be applied to your credit card. Lastly, if you see damage to the tent packaging take pictures immediately. Refuse delivery. If you do not see any outer damage but find concealed damage once you open the packaging, stop, and take pictures. Make sure to take pictures of the packaging, the tent, anything that will provide context for the damage.
    10. Other Brands: Any oversized/overweight products will be shipped via freight depending on your location.   All other items are shipped via ground (Fedex or UPS) or USPS.

Transit Time: If everything on your order is in stock, shipments should go out within 2-3 business days.  Transit time is usually within 3-7 business days.


Lead times below are estimates and are subject to change without notice.  4WD Crew will work with these companies to get your order to you as soon as possible, but lead times may change and get extended without notice.

    1. Cali Raised LED
      1. At least a 7-10 day lead time on all products
      2. Powder-coated Rock Sliders - 6-8 Weeks
      3. Raw Rock Sliders- 4-6 Weeks
      4. Roof Racks - 6 Weeks
      5. Skid Plates - 3-6 Weeks
    2. CBI/Prinsu:  
      1. Prinsu Roof Racks - 1 Week
      2. Accessories (brackets, mounts, etc.) - 2-3 Weeks
      3. Skid Plates - 6 Weeks
      4. Bed Racks - 6 Weeks
      5. Bed Bars - 6 Weeks
      6. DOM Rock Sliders - 6 Weeks
      7. Rock Sliders - 6 Weeks
      8. Steel Front Bumpers - 12 Weeks
      9. Aluminum Front Bumpers - 12 Weeks
      10. Rear Bumpers - 14 Weeks
      11. Covert Bumpers - 9 Weeks
    3. C4 Fabrication
      1. Front Bumpers - 8+ Weeks
      2. Rear Bumpers - 8+ Weeks
      3. Bed Racks & Fuel Tank Skids - 7+ Weeks
      4. Accessories - 2+ Weeks
      5. Hi Clearance Add-ons - 6-7 Weeks
      6. Skid Plate - 8+ Weeks
      7. Rock Sliders - 8 Weeks
      8. Ladders - 8 Weeks
      9. Diode Dynamics: Lead times can vary by product, please reach out to confirm.
      10. Expedition One
        1. Front & Rear Bumpers - 14-24 Weeks
        2. Ladders, Rocker Guards, Can Mounts - 6-8 Weeks
        3. Washer Fluid Kits - 1-3 Weeks
        4. Rocker Guards - 14-16 Weeks
        5. Accessories - 2-4 Weeks
      11. RCI Offroad
        1. Bed Racks - 1-3 Weeks
        2. Roof Racks - 2-4 Weeks
        3. Rock Sliders - 4-8 Weeks
        4. Bumpers - 6-10 Weeks
        5. Skid Plates - 1-3 Weeks
        6. Accessories - 1-2 Weeks
      12. All other brands: Lead times can vary by product, please reach out to confirm.