Pelican - BX50 Cargo Case
Pelican - BX50 Cargo Case
Pelican - BX50 Cargo Case
Pelican - BX50 Cargo Case
Pelican - BX50 Cargo Case
Pelican - BX50 Cargo Case
Pelican - BX50 Cargo Case
Pelican - BX50 Cargo Case


Pelican - BX50 Cargo Case

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Pelican Cargo cases are the perfect solution to keep your valuable gear, clothing, tools, and even dry food organized, secured, and protected. Built with the same legendary performance and quality Pelican is known for, Pelican™ Cargo cases are extremely durable, weather tested, and feature a limited lifetime guarantee (cases only). Ready to mount and protect, Pelican Cargo cases can be attached to your roof rack, truck bed, or stored in your SUV.

  • Tie-down plates
  • E-coated steel latches
  • Mounting Kit Interface Plate
  • Roto-molded construction
  • Weather resistant and dustproof
Interior (L×W×D) 13.00 x 12.25 x 13.25 in
(33 x 31.1 x 33.7 cm)
Exterior (L×W×D) 17.25 x 17.25 x 16.00 in
(43.8 x 43.8 x 40.6 cm)
Bottom Depth 12.60" (32 cm)
Int Volume 1.22 ft³ (0.035 m³)
Mounting Point Space 7.00" (17.8 cm)
Weight Empty 15.50 lbs (7 kg) Body Material Polyethylene
Latch Material E-Coated Steel
O-Ring Material EPDM
Minimum Temperature -20° F (-29 ° C)
Maximum Temperature 140° F (60 ° C)
  • Introducing Pelican Cargo Cases

  • Pelican Cargo Case Universal Bed Side Mount Instructions


It all began in 1976 with a hundred feet of twine around a hockey stick handle and a metal weight to serve as a mini anchor. Fashioned by scuba enthusiast Dave Parker in his garage in Torrance, CA, this innovative safety tool was designed to bob on the water’s surface to mark locations for divers. Dave dubbed his brainchild the “Pelican Float.” He devised this gadget because he knew it had the potential to save lives. He was right.

Eager to expand upon his vision, Dave was soon hard at work designing his next product: a superior first-aid kit for divers. The cases were rugged, durable, and built to keep the contents stored inside safely protected from water and dust. The product was a hit with divers and others who tossed out the first-aid supplies and used the case to protect other valuables.

From this humble beginning sprang a company that ultimately became the global leader in the design and manufacture of high-performance protective cases, temperature controlled packaging and advanced portable lighting systems. All along the way, Pelican has stayed true to Dave’s commitment to quality and his vision: Protecting All That You Value. We take great pride in the products we’ve created over the years for police, firefighters, military personnel, photographers and others who have counted on Pelican products to protect their gear and their lives.