Dobinsons - Sway Bar Relocation Kit (SE59-525K)


Dobinsons - Sway Bar Relocation Kit (SE59-525K)

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  • Aluminum machined brackets
  • Sold as a pair one per side
  • Painted black
  • come with required hardware.
  • Includes Radiator Drop Brackets.
Kit Includes
  • Bolts / Washers
    • 4x M10x1.25 - 20mm long  (8mm Allen)
    • 6x M10x1.25 - 40mm long  (18mm Socket/Wrench)
    • 4x M10x1.25 - 20mm long  (16mm Socket/Wrench)
    • 10x M10 Washers
  • Spacers
    • 2x Round Spacers (Radiator Support)
    • 4x Square Spacers (Lower Radiator Support)
    • 2x Rectangular Spacers (Sway Bar Spacer)

Dobinsons Sway Bar Relocation Kit will work with:

  • 2010+ Toyota 4Runner (Without KDSS)
  • 2010+ Toyota FJ Cruiser
  • 2010+ Lexus GX460 (Without KDSS)

Dobinsons Spring & Suspension™ established in 1953, is largely based on Leaf and Coil Spring Manufacturing and the supply of Suspension Components. With several generations of family ownership and experiences, Dobinsons has become one of the leaders in the Spring Industry in Australia applying the years of knowledge into their products. The success of the business has come about by providing quality products, acquiring and using technical knowledge and having the equipment to perform and provide professional service.