Baja Designs - LED Rock Lights (White)
Baja Designs - LED Rock Lights (White)
Baja Designs - LED Rock Lights (White)
Baja Designs - LED Rock Lights (White)

Baja Designs

Baja Designs - LED Rock Lights (White)

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Don’t limit yourself to daytime driving. Instead, order Baja Designs rock lights for a powerful LED light that can be mounted virtually anywhere. The compact LEDs were designed by The Scientists of Lighting and feature a 180-degree optic that can be used to illuminate your cab, your engine bay, wheel wells, or anywhere else that you might need bright and smooth light. Nighttime rock crawling is even more enjoyable when having a rock light that can light up the path for smooth and reliable wheel placement. Designed for much more than just driving, these compact LEDs can even fit into the nooks and crannies of your vehicle, mounting anywhere and blasting away the darkness in an instant.

Unlimited Potential

Rock crawling lights were originally designed to help you find proper wheel placement so you could go rock crawling at night. While they’re great for use as rock crawling lights, they’re even better for accessory lights because of their small size and high light output. The compact LEDs can be mounted virtually anywhere, so they have unlimited potential. Use the lights to illuminate a dark trunk, add a map light to your UTV or show you what’s under the hood.

Caution: Rock Light can get very hot when used for long periods of time.  Please use caution when handling or installing.

  • Lumens: 400 (In White)
  • Watts/Amps: 4/.40
  • Dimensions: 2.7 x 1.2" x .45" - 1.8oz
  • Features
  • - Includes tube mounts

 Lightweight Design

When it comes to mounting new LEDs on your vehicle, size matters. Our off-road rock lights are small in size but make a big impact. They come with mounting holes on either end, so they can be attached to your vehicle with bolts, zip ties or anything else you can think of. Mount your lights virtually anywhere and trust that the durable construction of the light can stand up to whatever you can throw at it.

NOTEThese lights will only work with a 12 volt charging system. 

Performance lighting solutions from Baja Designs have been at the forefront of off-road lighting for 25+years. Baja Designs specialize in LED light bars, LED auxiliary lights, and the world's first Laser light bars and auxiliary lights. We have a solution for every rider, driver, and adventurist, including: ATV Lighting, Motorcycle Lighting, UTV Lighting, Truck Lighting, and Adventure Bike Lights.