Expedition One - FJ Dual Swing Rear Bumper Trail Series
Expedition One - FJ Dual Swing Rear Bumper Trail Series
Expedition One - FJ Dual Swing Rear Bumper Trail Series

Expedition One - FJ Dual Swing Rear Bumper Trail Series

Expedition One


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Expedition One's, first of its kind dual swing-out design (patent-pending) for the Toyota FJ Cruiser is finally here!

An industry-first latch mechanism and swing motion design keep things tight and rattle-free during extended or strenuous off-road adventures.

  • Comprised of 3/16" and 1/4" inner structure and a 3/16" thick outer skin
  • Approximate weight 200lbs
  • 1" thick 3/4 recovery shackle mounts
  • Optional textured black powder coat
  • Industry-first latch mechanism design for consumer ease of use
  • Utilizes stock receiver hitch
  • Integrated light ports
  • Optional Accessories include flat panel and NATO/Scepter can mounts, Hi-lift/pull pal jack mounts, bolt-on ladder, and table
  • Optional Back-Up and License Plate relocation mount includes 2 LED license plate lights
  • Designed and made in The U.S.A

Please note, a narrow wheel with an extreme positive offset or a very wide tire will not work with the standard tire mount

* Please note that model years equipped with the blind spot monitor may not function with an aftermarket bumper due to the monitor's capability to sense through steel.


  • BASE: 1x Universal Tire Mount.
  • WASATCH: 1x Universal Tire Mount. Geri Flat Panel 2 Can Mount/Latches Only.
  • TETON: 1x Universal Tire Mount. 2x NATO Scepter Can mount.
  • YOSEMITE: 1x Universal Tire Mount. 1x Geri Flat Panel 2 Can Mount/Latches Only. 1x Hi-Lift/PullPal Combo mount.
  • MOAB: 1x Universal Tire Mount. 2x NATO Scepter Can mount. 1x Tri-Mount Bar. 1x Vertical Hi-Lift Jack Mount.
  • DENALI EDITION: 1x Universal Tire Mount. QUAD Geri Flat Panel Mount (4 Can Mount/Latches Only). Diode Dynamics SS3 LED Lights -Flood Pattern w/ wiring harness.

All accessories for the dual tire carrier systems are optional, add-on features that are bolt-on installation and can be added at a later date as well as at time of purchase with your rear bumper.

How many accessories can I carry on one arm? Typically, a spare tire will take up entire mounting space available on one side of a dual swing system. If you are purchasing a single swing variant of a dual swing system you would only have room to mount the tire and no other accessories on the one arm.

A non-tire bearing arm can hold any combination of up to 3 additional accessories with the purchase of a Tri-mount bar. Standard mounting without the tri-mount bar allows you to mount any 2 accessories (excluding the Quad Geri mount which takes up all the mount space on a swing arm).  A tri-mount bar would allow you to “float” a 3rd accessory by allowing the accessories to be mounted to the bar which is then mounted to the arm.

Spare Tire Mount: Tire mounts include 3 studs and lugs and are designed to be universal in nature, working with a variety of aftermarket options with the exception of a narrow wheel with an extreme positive offset and a very wide tire- this option may require you utilize a spacer to work with our tire mount bracket (we do not supply spacers).

Geri Flat Panel Fuel and Water Packs: Expedition One’s Geri brand flat panel water and fuel containers hold just over 4 gallons of fluid and may be mounted with our unique Geri Mount brackets and latches on both single and dual swing arm systems. Due to changes in regulations on portable fuel container spouts, our fuel version packs are only available for sale for use outside of the USA.

Expedition One Geri mount plates and latches and extension pieces (which allow you to mount more than one can to a plate) are compatible with Rotopax full-bodied fuel cans 4 and 4.5 gallons. This does not include Rotopax cans that unlock/come apart.

The Expedition One QUAD Geri mount system allows you to mount up to 4, flat panel Expedition One or Rotopax cans on one of your swing arm systems. No additional accessories can be mounted on the same swing arm as a Quad can mount due to limited spacing.

NATO/Scepter can mounts: The NATO/Scepter can mount is the more traditional square shaped metal or plastic fuel or water can. NATO can mounts can be mounted both flush to the arm or perpendicular to accommodate install of more accessories.

Hi-Lift Jack Mount/PullPal Mounts: Dual tire carrier systems offer a Hi-Lift jack mount and a hi-liftjack and PullPal mount combo options. This bracket mounts the Hi-Lift Jack and/or PullPal vertically on the tire carrier arm.

Ladders and Tables: The ladder and table options for the 4Runner, Lexus, and FJ Dual swing-out systems mount on the top and inside of a swing arm respectively, and would not be counted as one of the 2-3 accessories mounted on an arm. For example, a 4Runner, Lexus, and FJ dual swing could have a ladder, table, hi-lift jack mount, and 1-2 NATO can mounts.

Back-Up Camera & License Plate Relocation Brackets: Truck dual rear systems and Gladiator dual rears have an optional aluminum back-up camera relocation bracket which relocates the camera to just above the license plate.  4Runner, Lexus, and FJ dual swing out systems have a combo license plate/backup camera relocation bracket option as well as an option to relocate just the license plate. These also do not count towards one of the 3 accessories that can be mounted on a swing arm system as they are not mounted on the arm, but on the rear door.